Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WOW---What a day!! My good friend's aunt passed away suddenly. I didn't know her, but I know that S was close to her aunt. I volunteered to watch the kids for her. So tonight I had 5 little ones running around here. Ages -- 7, 4, 3, 2, and 1. WOW!! That is the best way to describe it. I will have them tomorrow as well. I should be going to bed to try to rest up! LOL

I have to tell you the funniest thing my 2, almost 3 year old, Katie said the other day. The yellow bus that comes to get Josie every morning has the most wonderful gentleman that drives her to and from school. He is like a grandpa and the kids just LOVE him. His name is Jim. Well, last week, Joe was taking Josie out to the bus and Katie and I were standing in the door ready to wave and blow kisses to Josie. Usually Katie will run out and say Hi to Jim. This particular day, it was chilly and we were still in our jammies and no shoes. So Katie yells at the top of her voice "Hi Jim!", well he didn't respond. She repeated it. Still nothing. She frowned and turned to me and said "Poor Jim, he can't hear me! Poor Jim, he can't hear anysing!" I cracked up!! She was so sad that he couldn't hear her or anything for that matter!! LOL I told Jim what she said a couple of days later. His response was "You know, my wife says that to me all the time!!!

You can always count on our comedien Katie for a good laugh!!!

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Sheree said...

I love that Katie story...