Sunday, November 16, 2008


I read several blogs, almost daily. I don't always get a chance to leave a comment, although that is on my short list of things to do. I have been introduced to a blog written by someone that left a comment on my blog. One of her posts really spoke to me, especially the acronym that she wrote. Someday I would love to meet Jenna! She sounds like such a wonderful person!!

Only then will you see the greatest gift I have given thee- to love and love those who need Me.

Respond to my calling to aid the ones I love and as you do they will love you too. Reach beyond what you know and the wisdom you shall find as you seek to serve with Me in mind.

Play, pray, be patient with them and you shall find, healing within and a heart divine.How I will complete you as you help complete them.

How you will find you need them. How you will learn you are a part of my plan.

Always know they need you as you need them- for you to show them that I am God, The Father, Protector, and Strength. For you, to see my great wonders, to seek, and to learn to be like Me.

Never lose sight. I have given you this gift because where they are weak, I have made you strong. When they scream out in silence I made you to be an exalting, shouting, voice. I made you for them…and in serving them you will have more of me.

-Jenna M. Howard

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