Friday, December 26, 2008

It touched me!!!

This whole week, I have been feeling like something is missing from our family this year. I feel like the member of our family that we think about many times a day, just isn't here. Kate was bound and determined that Santa was going to bring Jacob and put him under the tree. We were very glad that the presents under the tree distracted her from thinking that Jacob wasn't here! It was hard enough to know that he couldn't be with us yet this Christmas!

Christmas Eve was spent with Joe's family. Every year we go to his aunt & uncles to celebrate with everyone. It is my favorite day of the year! We love to get together with his family and give Thanks for all our blessings. We exchange presents for the kids and have a great time watching them tear open the gifts and their eyes in amazement of their gifts.

The presents were distributed and there was an extra package laying next to me!! (We don't exchange between adults... just the kids). I was sure that one of the kids had forgotten a package so I asked my SIL who that one was for. She said it was for me to open....Not for me, but would go to our house. She told me it was for Jacob. I was so touched! She had gotten a shirt for Jacob that matched the one that they had gotten for Owen! This was the most perfect, most wonderful, most touching gift that I could have received for Christmas! I felt at that moment that he was surely with us in spirit even if he couldn't physically be with us!

I love my SIL dearly and this just makes me love her all the more!! Thanks Jae!!! You have no idea how much this thought/gift meant to me! Knowing how much you support us and how much you love our kids, is more special than you could ever know!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

AWWWW that is SO sweet!!!! Brings tears to my eyes!!! Hopefully my family will come around like that, too!

Rachel said...

I pray that Jacob comes home very soon! That is so sweet for him to have a shirt to match his brother's.

gillian said...

That is AWESOME!! What a thoughtful person!


amy flege said...

how sweet of her! I cant wait to see the two boys in their new shirts!
hugs to you!