Sunday, December 14, 2008

Medicals for Joe and I -- Check

Last Home Study Visit -- Check

Check-ups for the kids (complete with shots) -- Check

Christmas Party with Santa for our Designer Genes Support Group -- Check

Now our busy busy four days is complete. Thank goodness!! Thursday it began with the kids dr appts. Just check-ups but it is magnified by three as they are all due around the same time. Josie (4), Katie (3) and Owen (18 mos). So there we were, shots due all around! UGH!! We started with Katie (if she saw what was happening before then, she would have been out the door). Then Owen was next! He is littler, but he can sure squirm!! Then the child of all children! Josie knew what was coming .....she had heard the crying...nothing good was to come of her laying down on that table. Joe held the top half.... I held the bottom half (not an easy job -- that girl has STRONG leg muscles) ... and the nurse held the middle and gave the two shots! Probably the most traumatic dr visit we've ever had with her! (well if you don't count the sedated echo when she was two, but that is a post for a whole other day) McDonalds quickly took their minds off their "owie legs" and they were fine the rest of the afternoon!

Then Friday, Joe and I were up!! To our physician for our physicals for the adoption! WOW I will be shocked if they come back completed correctly. I thought I had it all sorted out in my head then when I was there, it all went out the window!! (Did I mention that we didn't have a sitter so we had Katie and Owen in tow? -- needless to say, they didn't want to be there as they remembered what happened the day before at the doctor! Owen cried almost the whole 2 hours we were there. *sigh*) I was done with my appt, picked up Katie and wisked over to pick up Josie at school, then back across town to pick up Joe and Owen after his appointment. I knew we were pushing our timing. No naps and hungry kids does not make for a good combo! So we stopped at 4:00 for dinner at Culvers. The kids were crazy, but considering the circumstances, it wasn't so bad. Quick stop at Menards and we were home by 6:00 p.m. Kids in bed at 7:00 and I was in bed shortly after that at 8:00 p.m. (Oh the joys of getting old!! LOL)

Saturday -- The plan for the day was changed! We had planned to drop our kids off at a friends house near where our home study was (almost 2 hours away). She phoned me on Friday afternoon to let me know that she had the flu! She had it all week and just hoped that it would get better, but it hadn't! Poor thing -- she is pregnant too--!! So since we were meeting our social worker at a library and we couldn't find anyone else to watch the kids, we took them along. We were out the door by 7:45 am and on the road. I wasn't sure who took my kids and replaced them, but we were at the for a little over two hours and they were amazing! They ran around the kids area and played! Typical kids stuff, but I was so proud of all three of them! We went to lunch after and a couple stops at very busy, busy stores and they took it like champs! Our last stop was Target and Owen was out in his car seat before we even got out of the parking lot! All-in-all it was a good day.

Our visit with our social worker went very well! I must say that before this whole process started, I was most anxious about the home study, but C has made it the most relaxing and easy process ever! I can't ask for someone better! She is so down to earth...has little ones of her own...and understands us! I feel like I have known her for my whole life (helps that she pretty much knows all there is to know about me and Joe). I am blessed to have her helping us in this process! She's amazing!!

Today was our Christmas Party for our Designer Genes Support Group!! Santa came and brought presents for the kids! We had treats and a great time!! Owen was scared of Santa for the first half of the visit, but then warmed up to him and actually sat on his lap! Josie wasn't sure about him but would talk to him from across the room and was more than happy to say GOODBYE to him when he left! Katie (little miss socialite) was so happy to see Santa and gladly told him that she wanted Hannah Montana stuff (yes those were her words -- Stuff), Barbies and Dora Movies! We had a great day and it was fun to see the kids playing so nice together!!

Now, at least for a couple of days, our life can calm down and we can actually eat a meal at home!!

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