Tuesday, February 3, 2009

May Have Spoken Too Soon!

About our Dossier that is!! Everything was ready to go... Notary was coming to notarize everything later this week and then today, I got an email that we needed new forms. Luckily most of them just need to be retyped, but we do have to get our medical forms re-done. Thank goodness the tests and physicals do not have to be re-done, just the paperwork. Hasn't really slowed anything down (at least I hope not), but just some things we have to re-do. Such is life in the adoption world. Better to find out now than after everything was notarized, apostilled and on their way to Eastern Europe!

I am still focusing on the new pictures we will be getting. I just keep Thanking God that we have this wonderful opportunity and WHY we are doing it. I look at his sweet face and a few changes and the bumps in the road are so worth it! Bring it on! I am ready to go get my boy!!

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