Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet McKenna.....

I promised to introduce you to more friends who are also on the road to adoption,
so here you go. Please meet McKenna!

McKenna is wife to DJ, and mommy to Darrah and Connor! She is very soon also hoping to be mamma to sweet Reese from Eastern Europe! She found out today that her dossier has been submitted to the Government in country! Such exciting news! Now she waits for a travel date!

I "met" McKenna on a Down syndrome forum then I was fortunate to meet her in person at a DS convention in Kansas City year and a half ago. Darrah is such a beauty and she along with my Josie share the diagnosis of Down syndrome. I didn't get as much of a chance to sit down and talk with McKenna at the conference as I would have liked to. Who knew that we would grow so much closer during the past 5 months.

McKenna's family and our family started this adoption process around the same time. McKenna committed to adopting Reese about a month before we committed to Jacob. I sure hope that in a month from now that our dossier is submitted (keep your fingers crossed). Our new adopted children are relatively close in age as well. Reese just turned a year old and Jacob is 19 months now. We are using the same facilitator in Eastern Europe so it is nice to have someone to compare notes with.

I am so blessed to know McKenna and to have her to help me through this experience.
She is such a special friend to me. Go check out her blog and check it out,
I am sure you will love her just as I do!!!