Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tastefully Simple

You will remember that we did this on-line fundraiser once before, however this time is a little bit different. There is an actual physical party that will take place this weekend here in Iowa. If you are close, North Eastern Iowa, and would like the details, please email me at and I will let you know the info.

My friend Ellen is having this party for us and Jacob's adoption. Rather than hearing about Tastefully Simple, I will be giving a short presentation about our adoption journey as well as our journey with Down syndrome. I am very excited. I have talked to several people who are coming which is great.

You can also order online as like last time. Here is the link as well as the Tastefully Simple Button to the right. The products will be sent directly to your home!! So if you are interested, please feel free to order away.

I want to publically THANK ELLEN for her generosity in helping us bring Jacob home. She has been one of our biggest prayer warriors during this process. Ellen lives in my home town (she didn't go to school there) and her husband is a pastor at a local church. We actually met through a Down syndrome board and we share the bond of both having children with Down syndrome. Her daughter, Nichole is absolutely beautiful!!! THANK YOU Ellen for all you have done to help us bring Jacob home.

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Alicia said...

Oh I wish I live near!

Ellen es genial =)