Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Angel has a Mommy!!!



Look at this beauty!!  Isn’t she amazing??  Her name is Liza and she happens to be at the same orphanage as our little Jacob!  I have been praying that her “forever family” would find her SOON!!  She just turned 3 and will be 4 in December.  At that time she would be transferred to a Mental Institution!  But PRAISE GOD, Liza has a family!!!

At one point, I was praying that we might be able to bring Liza home to join our family along with Jacob, but that just wasn’t an option for our family.  The added costs and the logistics of everything just weren’t going to work.  It weighed so heavily on my heart.  I couldn’t bear the thought of her going to a mental institution! 

I was reading some posts on Reece’s Rainbow last week and came across an email titled “Spilling the Beans”.  I opened it to read and I saw that it was from Liza’s new mommy and that they had committed to adopting this little angel!  I cried tears of joy as I read through the post.  I had to check to make sure it was “my Liza” and sure enough it was.  PRAISE GOD!!!

I have emailed with her new mommy!  The Lorenz Family is adopting little Liza!! Melissa and Rick have a great story that you can view by going here and scrolling down until you see that beautiful face above!!  Also please visit their BLOG to wish them well.  They are actually having their first fundraiser right now for a beautiful necklace.  Please check it out and if you can find it in your heart to donate to their adoption, we would be forever grateful! 

We are so happy about little Liza coming home!!  While they are a bit of a distance from us, someday in the not so distant future, I am going to meet that girl!  When you have a child in your heart, it is there that they remain.  Whether they come home with you, or with someone else, they will forever be “the child of my heart”!


Melissa said...

Brigitte, Thanks again for everything. Your encouragement has really helped me on days when I feel like this process is going to get the best of me, and I'm just starting! :)

I know exactly what you mean by "Child of your heart". There are a couple I never met but tugged at my heart so heavily I still think of them and pray for them. We would be honored to meet you and your family someday.

gillian said...

That is so great!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

:) You have an award waiting for you on my blog!