Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Update!!!!

It seems as though the process of adoption is hurry up – wait – wait – wait – hurry up – wait  -- wait…and the cycle continues over and over.  The end is where we are… well the end of the second trimester of our paper pregnancy!  Today in the mail, we received the LAST piece of paper that we need to complete our dossier!!  We have all the notaries complete and just need to make a trip to our state’s Capital to have all these documents apostilled!  At that point (probably next Friday) we will be ready to send it off to Jacob’s country!  That is so exciting… and scary at the same time!  So many things to think about – child care for our three at home – things that need to be done before we leave – packing lists – grocery lists – the rest of the funding to fall into place -- etc etc etc and the lists go on and on!! 

Please pray for the perfect travel date – Pray that our dossier gets there with no problems – Pray for peace for our family during this stressful time – Pray that the funding falls into place for us as we still have a ways to go – Pray that we can find the right situation for our kids while we are away!  Pray Pray Pray!!!  But Pray the hardest that God is watching out for Jacob and holding him close until we can hold him in our arms!  Very soon, sweet little boy!  Very Soon!!!!!!

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Lyndi said...

Brigitte- how exciting, you are so close!! I am praying for your family. It WILL all work out, God is in control :)