Friday, April 10, 2009

Hopefully Monday

Well our dossier was delayed and was not submitted last Monday!  Apparently, the government agency that handles adoption in Jacobs country, shut down for a week each quarter to do reports and paperwork.  So Monday, April 13th is the magical date. (We hope and pray)!  We should find out in the next couple days after that if our dossier was accepted.  Then we wait probably another 5-7 days to find out when we are invited to come to start their adoption process!!  Our facilitator said that we should probably plan on having our appointment in country the week of May 11th.  So, we are hoping and praying that one month from today we are in country and getting ready for our first appointment!  We are very excited and we will keep you posted.  BLOG WILL BE GOING PRIVATE NEXT FRIDAY (April 17th) regardless of whether or not our dossier has been submitted!  Please if you have not commented or sent me an email and would like to be invited to follow our blog once that happens, please do so!  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!


JRS said...

Brigette, that makes our "due dates" almost identical! Fun!

Alyssa said...

make sure you invite me to your blog when you go private!!!