Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blessed By Adoption

So our week has slowed down a bit. I am now here with Jake and Debbie Jennings is here with Mariah. We are sharing a flat to save some money so we have been wandering around Kyiv trying to keep the kids occupied. The kids' passports will be put on the train in Dnepropetrovsk on Tuesday evening around 5 pm and Yulia will pick them up at the train station here in Kyiv at around 11 pm that night. We will be going to the Embassy for the Visa's then first thing Wednesday morning, have the medicals and if we wanted to, we could leave on Thursday to go home, but my good friends are coming in on Tuesday AND if I wanted a flight out on Friday I would only have about an hour and a half to get from one side of Chicago Airport to the other and have to reclaim my baggage as well as pass through security again AND go through immigration all with Jacob in tow, so we are coming home on Saturday, June 13th.

Debbie, the kids and I went to church this morning. I went last week while I was here by myself. Kyiv International Bible Church. An English speaking service and very informal and so wonderful!!! I am so blessed to have met Lydia and her husband Dennis as well as Jamie! They have gone out of their way to make us feel blessed and welcome! Today at the end of the service, Debbie and I, along with the kids, sat up front and were prayed over by the most wonderful people. Our children were blessed with anointing oil! It was amazing!

This journey of adoption has made me think A LOT about my Faith in God! I have always been a Believer! That part of my life has always been there, although at times, my faith has faltered because every day life gets in the way. While I sat in church, I realized that we all really have a "gotcha day". The day that we accepted the Lord into our lives. For some of us who have never questioned our Faith, that might have been at our Baptism, for other who have come to the Lord at a later point in their lives. The testimony that we heard today was from a man that is from Iran. He was not raised a Believer, but has found the Lord. We often think that people just don't want to hear the Word, but he was saying that EVERYONE is interested, they just might not know it! I know that I am always interested, but I can also say there are points in my life, where quite possibly, I did not know that I was interested!

I truely do not believe that you can go into this adoption without having some type of Faith, though it may not be really strong. There is no way you can come out the other end of this Journey without knowing that God is with you every step of the way! In everything that you do, in every document you sign, in every little set of eyes you see, He is with you, Guiding you, Directing you and Showing you the way HE has chosen for you!

I feel like my calling in Ukraine is not over. While I don't feel that we have another calling for adoption, I feel like there is more that I need to do to help bring these kids home to their families. These children that have special needs that would not be adopted by people from Ukraine! I ask that you join me in prayer for these children....all the ones who so desprately need homes and families who love them, famillies who will accept them unconditionally! Ask that if God is calling me or anyone else to do His work for these children, that He will make is calling clear! We ask that the right people are sent to do the job to bring these kids home to the families they are meant to be a part of!!



gillian said...

What a wonderful post B! God is growing you so much through this process! Can't wait to see you in just a couple days :).

mck said...

I have tears! I wish I could join you and Gillian! Have a safe trip home in less than a week!! Yay!!

wendyluft said...

Your post was perfect! God leads us all, but not all of us are willing to follow. Thank you for following and for listening to what God asks. You have brought so much awareness to so many people about God's children who need our help. Safe travels!!

marlene said...

What a great post and WHAT a NEAT church experience!!! Loved how they reached out, welcomed and blessed you!!!!! Can't wait for Gillian and family to catch up with you! Take pictures!!! :)

Lyndi said...

Awesome post! I can't wait to get over there and know the experience first hand. We will just miss you, we leave on the 14th. Enjoy the rest of your week, and prayers for safe travels home!!

amy flege said...

Brigitte what an awesome post....I so wish I was in your shoes!! hugs!!

Christy said...

Awesome experience! Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe travels home!

Amy said...

Hey don't know if you're checking email too or not, but Jake (my Jake :)) and his friend Zack fly into Kiev thursday afternoon and are leaving out on an overnight train Thursday night. They might be a bit exhausted, but if they're awake enough I'll have them call you. They might need help finding some food during the wait! :)

LOVED this last post. I can SEE God moving in your heart... He's got big plans for you Brig.

Love you girl!!!