Sunday, September 20, 2009

Every Single Person

As we grow into busy adults, we tend to forget exactly how we go to the place in our lives that we are right now.  The past shapes the people that we are and the people we meet today make us who we are tomorrow!  I am usually not a “deep” thinker, but sometimes I just can’t help myself – It’s either that or go crazy talking to children under 5 all day long!

During your life, people come and go.  It is the way of life.  Some impact your life more than others, however every single one of them puts their imprint on your soul one way or another.  They shape everything about you, whether that be good or bad.  Some memories of those people get pushed to the back of your mind and in-as-much forgotten until something happens that calls for recollection.  It is amazing with a little prompting, what you can remember. 

I can tell you certain people in my life in influenced me more than they might ever even know.  My love for Depeche Mode comes directly from Joanie Clarke and even today, I have Personal Jesus as the ringer on my phone.  Every time my phone rings it brings me back to memories of Leaders School.  My love for accounting comes from Mr. Sweeney in the 10th grade.  My love for watching a really good marching band comes from Mr. Haugen.  My love for a big family comes from my best friend Kim because I watched her grow up in one and was so strangely jealous of her big family. 

My fear of fires comes from the loss of David Vosburgh when we were in the 7th grade.  My distaste for beer came from a long night – over 20 years ago – with my friend Amy Hoeft!  These are just a miniscule sampling of those who have touched my life and imprinted my soul!  Who has imprinted your soul?  Have you told them what a difference they have made in your life…no matter how small????


amy flege said...

hey how about me????? hehe

JRS said...

You've got me pondering. Great post, great idea.