Sunday, October 18, 2009

If It Weren’t for Down Syndrome……. Day 18

.. we would have never moved to the town we live in and I might not have the wonderful job I have now.

..we would have never been part of Designer Genes from the beginning.

..we would have never met the hundreds of wonderful friends that I have met as a result.

..I may have never found a long lost college acquaintance who is now one of my dearest friends.

..we may have never know the joys of traveling to Holland and how much more sweet it is some days than Italy.

..we would have never been part of raising over $50,000 for Down syndrome Awareness and Support in our area.

..we would have never appreciated milestones so much for every one is a blessing!

..we may have not discovered the live changing experience of adoption.

..I would have never met the most wonderful person to take our adoption journey with.  A person that will be a true friend for life and who I can’t wait to see at New Years!!!

.. we may have not found our way back to GOD and HIS LOVE!

.. we would have gone on through life not knowing what we were missing and probably not caring.

.. I wouldn’t have been part of “the club”…you know the “club” the one that all parents of kids with special needs secretly belong to…. to give the “I understand” look in stores and where there should be a secret handshake to let everyone know you are a member!

.. I would have never become a “momologist”.  Jack of all medical trades, but master of none(or maybe all)! many things that I would have probably never done that I can’t even think of right now.  Our lives are permanently changed because of Down Syndrome, but it is changed for the better in every way possible!!!

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