Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marriage Proposal Day 13

I got proposed to on Saturday… by a 15 year old…. It was too sweet!   I worked at our second Buddy Walk that day – different city..same group!  We were sitting at the registration table and this very handsome young man walked up and grabbed a registration form.  He was a handsome young man!  He wrote his name and address and handed it back to me.  We had a short conversation about his t-shirt ticket and what was going on inside.  He looked at me with the sweetest eyes the whole time.  Then he said “I really like you!… I think I want to marry you!!”  It was so adorable.  I explained to him that I was already married and had 4 children… and in actuality I was quite old enough to be his mother.  “But you sure are pretty, are you sure you can’t marry me?”  After some more discussion, he settled for a big hug and off he went to purchase some raffle tickets as he got out his check book!  Did I mention that my new friend and admirer had Down syndrome??  What a sweet young man and I am so glad that I got to meet him!!!!

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