Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Jacob!! ----- Day 26

Well, we have been home for just over 4 months now!  Can you believe it?  Just about a year ago, is when we made the decision to adopt him and we have already been home for 4 months!  AMAZING!!!

I was trying to figure out how I wanted to give his update and I’ll do it a little differently!


What he WASN’T doing at the orphanage

-- He was just 12 lbs when we took him from the orphanage

-- sitting up

-- making eye contact with anyone

-- rolling over

-- barely holding his head up

-- drinking much at all if anything

-- he had zero muscle tone and could barely lift his legs up in the air when he was on his back

-- smiling

-- bear weight on his legs

-- didn’t have a single bit of interest in ANY toys of any kind!!








What he IS doing NOW (after 4 short months)

-- Smiling ALL the time and his giggles are just the best sound in the world.. I wonder if he ever giggled in the orphanage..although he probably didn’t have much to giggle about!

-- He CAN sit up by himself, but he still doesn’t trust himself very well so I have to sit behind him for “moral” support!  LOL

-- makes eye contact whenever ANYONE walks in to the room.  Knows who mommy and daddy are and will sometimes look when asked “Where’s mommy/daddy?”

-- Rolls to get everywhere—then will pivot on his back or belly to change his rolling path if what he wants is not where he is headed!

-- Drinks from a bottle and loves his milk and juice

-- Has so much more truck and leg strength that now not only can he sit up, but he is starting to at least bear weight on his legs!

-- LOVES Toys and will do whatever he can to get whatever he can.  He, Owen and Daddy play cars ALOT and Jake gets right into it with the rest of them.

-- Now weighs just about 19 lbs (which is still small for a 2 year old, but we’re making progress)

-- LOVES his siblings…. especially loves to watch them jump around while he laughs and giggles!


So I guess, all in all, he is doing exceptional since he has been home.  Can you believe that he will start preschool next fall already??  Seems too fast, but he will be ready when it’s time!!

It is amazing what a little love and physical therapy will do for an orphan!  We LOVE YOU JAKE!!!!







Molly said...

he is SUCH a love!

Lyndi said...

He has such a sweet smile, I'm glad he shows it to you now :)

gillian said...

We love Jake!

Alicia said...

yay!! he is so beautiful! and a proof that love is enough.

Amy said...

That is so awesome! Love it love it love it.

NDMom said...

Brigitee, How wonderful! He is doing exceptionally well and is as cute as a button!

Thanks for sharing....


MamaPoRuski said...

What an amazing transformation! Simply beautiful, praise God!

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Oh yes he is cute! And it is a testimony of what love and encouragement can do to a child that is in an orphanage with no hope or future. He has hope and a future now! Not to mention a wonderful family that loves him to pieces!

Dolores said...

Oh he's so cute!!! Each of my boys with Down syndrome were 20 lbs at two years, so he's doing well at home with his family! He's making leaps forward, Wonderful!

JennyH said...

What a cutie pie!! Love those super chubby cheeks!