Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fundraiser for Reece’s Rainbow Angel

Some of you may remember my post at the beginning of November about Lera in Eastern Europe.  This was an urgent call to a find her a family.  You see, Lera was weeks/days from being transferred to an institution where she could not be adopted from. 

PRAISE GOD!!!  A family for Lera stepped up and committed to adopting her.  Tracy V and her family are working diligently to bring Lera to join their family! 

That is where you come in!!  You have the opportunity to help this wonderful family bring this beauty home AND in doing so have a chance to win a Dell Mini Net Book,  Awesome for everyone involved.  Every single $$ helps, but $20.00 will get your name in 3 times for this awesome giveaway!!!!  Please take a minute and read more here ..  or read below and then hop over to their blog to donate!  Lera has spent WAY too long in the orphanage already and we want her to meet her Mommy & Daddy as soon as humanly possible!!  I challenge you to donate at least $20.00 TODAY!  I know that I am on my way there right now to help out this little girl get to her FOREVER FAMILY!!!

**Copied from Tracy’s Blog**

Happy New Year! Our family so stinkin' excited as to what this New Year is going to bring!
We need to get fired up about
We have decided to host a 30 day challenge.
Our goal is get 100 people to donate $20 to Lera's homecoming.
We know this can happen for her because her mommy and daddy know a whole lot of people and there are a lot of people that care!
We realize that it is the "poor" month but Lera needs to come home and soon!!
To encourage my blogging friends and family, we are offering ONE lucky person a....


Please visit to learn all about Net books and what you could win. Also, YOU pick the color of your choice and I will have it delivered straight to your door!
$20 will get you THREE chances to win! $10 will get you ONE chance to win!
You will notice that I did not put an end dollar amount on the Chip In. This is because on my last giveaway, many people paid by cash or check. If you want to do it this way, feel free to send me an email at and I will give you the address to send it to.

Get fired up Blog world and LET'S GET LERA HOME!!

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