Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can't say much YET!!!

Ok so here is the deal.. we are committing to two boys.... one now and one later from Bulgaria!! The problem herein lies that the older boy that we are wanting to commit to is facing being transferred if we don't commit to him SOON!! As in this week or next week! We DON'T want that to happen! We were thinking that we had much more time because our other little guys isn't available yet, but now we are in a quandry!! We thought we had a few months to come up with the initial costs, but now are facing a few days time!! Ideally we'd be able to raise these funds by tomorrow! :-) However I know that may not be possible!

God laid this on our hearts and he will lay that funds in our hands.. He always has provided for us in the past and he will now! I can not share who our boy is until we have made that official committment which can't be done with out the funds. Make sense?? SOOOOO as a incentive... when our Chip In gets to $4,000 or 100% we will share who it is that we will be welcoming to our family!!!

Please use the Chip-In on the right to make a donation if you are able!! Prayers are welcome too!!! I know God will make this happen.. He's never let me down before!! Praise Him!!!!!

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