Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q & A Post #1

Well this is the first – of I hope many--  question and answer posts.  I only have a couple to start out with so here goes: 
1.  What does your bedroom situation look like now, and how will you accommodate two more?   We have three bedrooms upstairs right now.  So we will make due with those.  Boys in one room, girls in the other.  Right now the girls have the bigger room and the boys have the smaller room.  We are going to switch them so the boys are in the larger room.  We will have a bunk bed and two cribs in that room.  Then bunk beds in the girls’ room.  Then next summer we will put two egress windows in the rooms in the basement so we will then have 5 bedrooms.  We’ll split them up as they get older and figure out how they will be together at that point. 
2.  Have you found any great bed ideas for more than 2 in a room?  I am looking at these bunk beds for the kids.  We were going to build some, but we aren’t incredibly handy and I really like these because of the extra room for drawers as well as the regular steps since the kids are so little still.  Katie likes them anyway so we will see..what I can get on sale!  LOL

3.  I had a questions blog once, too - but nobody asked anything! So I answered questions that I knew people had - they were just afraid to ask! So here's a in the HECK do you find time to do your work with Reece's Rainbow?! Amazing!  Well I find that having email on my phone really helps with keeping up with things.  To get to Wal-Mart it’s a 30 minute drive so when we go as a family and Joe is driving I have time to keep up on emails.  I try to designate time during the day to take care of business and then when I am not doing that, I unplug completely.  I check my phone throughout the day to see if there are pressing things that need my attention!  It all works.  Somehow, it all works!!  By the Grace of God really some days!!

4.  How did bonding go with Jacob when you brought him home? It went pretty well, but I think that was because he was developmentally like a 3 month old and was almost the same size as a 3 month old.  I had a bit of a hard time with it at first.  I think what was the most difficult is coming home after being gone for so long and jumping right back in to being a mom of now 4 kids.  They had been without me for 5 weeks and they wanted me 24/7.  I hadn't been around them for 5 weeks and I needed a break at times and I wasn't getting it at all (and understandibly so) but I felt very overwhelmed.  Jake also did not want to be held or have any contact with anyone at that point (just like life in the orphanage).  We adjusted, but it took several months for us to work into a routine and fall in love with eachother.  At first it was like he was a neighbor kid that wouldn't go home.  But we got through it and we are bonded now.  He knows we are mommy & daddy and we love him exactly the same as the rest of the kids! 

5.How many bedrooms is your house? I talked about this above some.. right now it's 3 and when we are done next summer it will be 5.  It could be 6 if we absolutely needed another one!

6.  What are your meals most commonly cooked for dinner?  It depends on the season really... during the summer, we grill a lot.. hamburgers, chicken, brats, hot dogs, veges -- occasionally we order pizza if we are feeling lazy!  In the winter, we eat a lot of casseroles because those tend to go the farthest with our family.  I love lasagna and I make a mean lasagna if I do say so myself!  LOL.  We are carb lovers at heart so sometimes panni's or pasta quite a bit.  Kids love grilled cheese, chicken, and the trend right now is peanut butter & jelly!  lol

7.  What do you know about "Landon"? We know A LOT about Landon.  We know the surgeries he's had...every time he's been in the hospital, that he wears glasses a few hours a day.  He walks, runs, follows commands, is partially potty trained, dresses himself, self feeds and is spoiled at his orphanage.  Which can be good and bad at the same time!  We know much much more about him than we did about Jake at this stage in the game.  It's nice knowing exactly... well as exactly as we can... what to expect.. for the most part anyway!  I can't wait to meet him and snuggle him...  Soon.. I hope!!!!!

8.  Are you going to let the kids help choose with Landon's name? Or are you going to keep it a secret from them? We are including them in on naming the boys.  They have come up with some pretty "off the wall" names.  They will know the name we pick... however we are going to try to keep it a secret until we have raised the funds for our adoption.  That will be our "reward" for being fully funded is making the names we have picked public!
Well there you go.. our first Q & A…  not so bad..  I will continue to do one whenever there are more questions for me!


Jenna said...

Are you going to let the kids help choose with Landon's name? Or are you going to keep it a secret from them? I think it's so awesome that you're adopting! Congratulations [:

For Her Redemption said...

I love Landon and have been praying for him! I'm so happy to see he has a family!

Blogging Friend said...

Can you tell us what age of the other little guy you are adopting. You said you will need to cribs in the boys room which I assume that one of them is for this new little guy. I know you cannot say much about him but it got my curiosity up.

Also Jacob is so BIG! He is so cute!