Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little prayer request !!!

So as most of you know we are quite familiar with the process of adoption in Ukraine.   Not only have we adopted from there, but I have been a state-side helper with Reece’s Rainbow for the past 1 1/2 years with the Ukraine program.  I would do the paperwork with my eyes closed.  Not the case for Bulgaria.  It’s a much different process. 

There was one thing for our HS that fell through the cracks due to lack of communication and now it is going to push our HS (that we thought would be done next week) another 4 weeks.  At least we are hoping it’s just 4 weeks!  I am so upset by this news.  Not only is it something I didn’t realize was required for the home study, but its something that is in the hands of the government… which we all know could take forever!  Please pray that this LAST thing gets back much faster than 4 weeks so we can stay on track with this adoption. 

My goal is to send the dossier by the end of January and once the HS is approved we have to wait for the I800a to be approved as well.. so that doesn’t leave us much for time!  We are also looking at another $5,500 due at the time our dossier is sent to Bulgaria.  Please if you are able, post about our fundraiser (that ends tomorrow night) so we can get these funds together and not have to scramble for them at the last minute!!

Thank you for your  prayers.. they keep me calm (for the most part) during this whole process! 

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