Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Spotlight!!!


I wanted to highlight some older boys that are available for adoption!  Boys aren’t the favorites for adoption… especially older boys!!  So I wanted to share some older boys that are just so darned adorable.. just incase you haven’t seen them yet!!  BOYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!












This is Drew…. He just turned 8 ( I think this picture is a little bit old).  He has so much potential and he sits in an orphanage waiting for his mommy and daddy!!  He’s an otherwise healthy child!! 


This is Madden – he was born in 2004 (so 7 or 8).  He is a healthy child, but small, weighing 34 lbs. on his 7th Birthday!  Look at that smile – lost a tooth even… Wonder if the tooth fairy came to visit him???  Could you be his tooth fairy…. and his mommy???


This is Andrue – he is was born in 2004 (so 7 or 8) also!  He lived with his birth family until 9 months old and when they found out he had Down Syndrome, they left him at the hospital.  He was then transferred to an orphanage and later on, to an institution for children with mental disabilities, which is his current home. He walks, climbs and catches a ball. He likes to play with stuffed animals and has one favorite stuffed animal that he carries around with him.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be his Mommy & Daddy??


This is Kaleb – He was born in 2003 so is either 8 or 9… doesn’t he look like he’s got a LOT of questions??  Smile  I bet he’s wonderful and would thrive with the right family!  He is on a special diet for Celiacs, but that is sooo manageable!!









This is Kyle …. he is 8 years old!!  He looks so sad, but I am sure some hugs and kisses would cure that!!!  Kyle has already been transferred to a mental institution.   Kyle was born with a heart condition and anal atresia, but both have been surgically corrected and he is now perfectly healthy.

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Todd said...

Glad to meet Landon! Emily says he is Gorgeous!