Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 1… Visit 2

The visit this afternoon went about as expected.  At first he was much more subdued and content to throw balls around the ball pit with me.  Then I made the mistake of tickling him over and over and over and it got him going….. we went outside then and he was everywhere!  I was only bit once and he only got ahold of my glasses once this time so I guess we are making progress. 

I am pretty sure he was showing off since he was getting all the attention so we’ll have to watch the over stimulating at home. 

Overall a great 2nd visit.  Here are a couple pictures of that cute little pumpkin!!!



Look.. I get to take off my socks!!  WAHOO!!!!


Oh I could just sleep here… oh wait,  no I can’t… I have TOO much energy!!


Mommy scolding me for grabbing her glasses.. they just look so fun and breakable!


So fun in fact, I think I will try it again even after she’s said “NAY NAY”



And here’s where mommy went wrong.. tickling will inevitable end up in MUCH more energy to run the playground with abandon!  You would think she’d know better.


She thought I should be done so she sat me on her lap and hummed to me.. “You are my sunshine” she hummed and sang it.. Calmed me right down!


I think I want to be a dentist when I grow up.. I am fascinated by the inside of that thing!


Me and momma at the end of our visit.. I am not sure what mama means yet, but she keeps saying it and my caretakers keep saying it.  hmmm wonder what it is??  Guess I will find out soon enough!


Nancy said...

He is so cute! It's awesome to see him get to wear shorts for the summer!
Have you been allowed to play with any other kids?

Denise Davis said...

Oh how I loved seeing the photos and you also look super happy :O)) Thanks again my friend for bringing my documents. Have a wonderful time and I can not wait to see the photos of your stop.. :O)))
Much love denise