Sunday, October 7, 2012

Update on Us!

I haven’t blogged in awhile so I wanted to post a quick update on how things are going.  Now that we have settled into school and everything else going on, I am hoping to have lots to blog about and be here often.

Hockey has started for Owen and Katie has decided to join in with him.  Their first practice was Wednesday and they both did great.  Owen (at 5 years old) got moved up with the bigger kids.  He did awesome at line drills and puck handling on Wednesday! 

Katie is with the beginners, but is one of the best out there.  She gets the concept of skating and did such a great job on her first night with all those pads and with all boys except one other girl.  We were so proud of her. 

Here are a couple pictures of the first night!


Katie is all decked out in Pink… Don’t they both look cute??


Waiting his turn with the puck!


Still Standing.. she only fell a couple of times!!


She’s already got Hockey Teeth!  LOL

Josie and Jake are doing great.  Josie is loving school and so is Jacob.  Here are a couple pictures of the two comedians!!!


Oh mom.. PLEASE!!!!!


Yep.. I am so darned cute.. booger nose and all!!!!



Posing at the apple orchard.. Much rather do a photo shoot than pick apples!!


Such a big boy with his walker at the apple orchard.  He walked all over for most of the morning!!  BIG BOY!!!!!


Josie let me paint her face and spray her hair for homecoming which is a HUGE step for her.  She typically hates face painting and anything sprayed in her hair!!! 

Now a quick update on the status of our adoption.  We have been submitted to court.  We are now waiting to hear which judge will hear our case and when that will be.  We are hoping for a court date before the end of October, however I am thinking that it might be the beginning of November before we actually have court, which will mean the beginning of December when I travel to get the kids.  We are in a waiting pattern right now so I will keep you posted on any new information!  We are still quite short on funds… if you so feel led to donate to our adoption, you can do that with the chip-in on the right side bar of the blog… prayers are ALWAYS needed as well that everything falls into place for travel and court etc.  THANK YOU all for your continued support!!!

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