Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feeling Discouraged!!!

I know that we are very early in this adoption process! So I am sure that most of my feeling discouraged is just for the fact that there is sooo much paperwork AND I am getting more and more nervous for the home study next Saturday! There is many dollars to be raised and I am afraid that we will have everything else done and there won't be the funding there to bring Jacob home. I am not creative, so coming up with some ingenious fundraiser, isn't really my thing. I wish I could win the lottery then this wouldn't be an issue! Like that is going to happen!!!

I don't know how to make people understand that we are saving a child. We are saving a life of a precious little boy. We are giving him a life that he would otherwise not have known. We are giving him a brother and sisters that already love him; a mommy and daddy who love him to pieces and grandparents who are so darn excited about him coming here, that's all they talk about! Why wouldn't anyone want to be a part of getting him here. What people don't realize is that if Jacob isn't adopted that he will face institutionalization when he is just 4 years old (Yes, FOUR years old). Where he most likely won't live to see his 18th birthday! There is not the kind of advanced medical care that he will receive here. So his little heart just won't be able to take getting an infection! We want to show him a life of health and love! We have the means to take care of him and any medical issues that arise. We have enough love in our home and in our hearts to bring our new son home! We don't want him to spend ONE MORE BIRTHDAY (his first one was enough) in the orphanage! Don't you want to help us bring him home???

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gillian said...

Oh friend, I am sorry you are having a day. But I wanted to encourage you b/c I think you are doing a fantastic job. You are getting stuff DONE and God is going to honor your desire to bring Jacob home. I just know it is going to work out. I linked my blog to yours a day ago, hopefully some of my readers (aren't that many :) will come over and get involved. Hang in there. Praying for you...