Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Party Party!!!!

Seems like we have been doing nothing but partying for the past couple of days. Well, Josie turns 4 tomorrow, so we had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with 20 relatives and friends. Josie had a blast. It was the perfect place for her birthday. No worries about her getting snatched if we weren't right next to her for a minute. She was so independent it was amazing. Before she started school, she was much more reserved. She would sit on my lap in crowds of people for the whole time we were there. We still have a little issue of her wanting to be by me for the first few minutes, but once she feels comfortable, she is very outgoing and very social, which makes me so happy.

Then today, we went to a Halloween Party in the area we are expanding our Designer Genes Group to. We got in the car, me and the three kids; drove an hour, picked up my best friend Kim and her children and drove another 1/2 hour to the party. Can you believe it snowed in Iowa today?? UGH!! But it wasn't bad enough to keep us home! We had a great time. There were several families there. Many that I had never met. There was one young man there, he was 27 years old and just amazing. If I was talking to him on the phone, I would have never known he had Down syndrome. It was great to see how well he is doing. It is my understanding that he lives in an apartment by himself and even took some classes at the local college there. He was such a sweet young man! My hopes for Josie are for her to be that independent!

So we have been partying. I am sure that tomorrow Katie will want to go to yet another party! She will want cake and balloons I am sure. She is my party queen!! Luckily we have some birthday cake left and since Josie's actual birthday is tomorrow, we will have cake after a special spaghetti dinner just for Jo-Jo!!

Tomorrow I get to sit down and tell you all what it feels like for my baby to be 4 years old!! Wow, how the time flies!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW I can't believe she's almost 4 either!!! I'll be back tomorrow to say Happy Birthday! :) I'm grabbing your button too, BTW!

JRS said...

Happy birthday princess! Hope you have a great day. ---Jen

Renee Zirbel said...

Hi Brigitte! It was so nice to meet and talk to you yesterday in Mason City at the party! Hope your drive home was okay!

LIN said...

I was so glad to meet you at the party yesterday. I agree Jeremy was an amazing guy. Josie and all your kids are sure cuties.