Monday, October 20, 2008

It was Strange!!

Tonight we went to the Open House at Josie's school. It was strange!!! EVERYONE knew her. It was just weird being there with my almost 4 year old and she was saying hi to everyone that I didn't know. She was such a big girl tonight. She took us all around to see her room, where she sits and does her work, where she goes potty even. What a treat!! LOL Then we went to the cafeteria to have dinner and the lunch lady knows her! Her gym teacher (who is a cutie, I might add) came up to us to talk. She said "Hi" to him in this little cute voice that I have never heard from her. Almost like she had a little crush on him or something. She even blushed. It was hilarious!!!

I got to meet A, who is a boy in her class that she ALWAYS talks about. He is a cutie and his parents are so nice. They say that A talks about Josie at home too!! They sit together at group time and also sit next to eachother at individual time too. She is growing up, that's for sure. What a big girl she is!! I can't believe she is going to be 4 years old in one week. I can imagine that she will have a great birthday party this weekend as we are going to Chuck E Cheese. Which reminds me!! I better order her cake tomorrow! Can't possibly have a birthday without CAKE!!!!


amy flege said...

oh cute to hear about her and her school!! I bet she is the star there!!!!

gillian said...

Sounds like a great night! Love to Josie and you all!

Anonymous said...

oh i just realized that Josie and Elias are close age! lol