Monday, October 27, 2008

Josie is 4!!!!

Wow .. 4 years ago today, I was still a bit drugged from an emergency c-section. Josie was born at 6:38 p.m. We knew that Josie would be born with a little something extra before she was born, so it wasn't a shock to us. I hadn't gotten to hold her as they wisked her off to the NICU right away. That made me sad, but I knew she was getting the best care. Little did we know at this time that having Josie would change our lives so drastically.

Dear Josie,

From the day you were born, I knew that you would be mommy's little angel! You have come so far and taught me so much in your short 4 years. You make me smile when I am having a bad day; you give me kisses and hugs when I get an owie! Seeing you grow over this time makes me love you more and more every day! My sweet baby, you are getting to be such a big girl now and not so much of a baby! You amaze me every day with your sense of humor, your understanding, you love and consideration for everyone. I can't imagine my life without you! I can't imagine you any different either. I wouldn't trade you for the world. Sleep soundly, sweet princess, for I will love you a little more each day!



Here are some pictures from her Birthday Party and from her Birthday dinner and Cookie. While I don't have any cake eating pictures, the cookie ones are just as good!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIE!!!! Looks like you enjoyed your cake! :)

Terri said...

Happy, Happy 4th birthday Josie! Brigette, I absolutely love that baby pic - adorable!

JRS said...

Cute! Happy b-day sweetie!