Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots of Stuff To Do!!!

Joe and I have been sitting here tonight looking at all we have to get ready to get Jacob here!! WOW...lots and lots of stuff to compile and tons of stuff to keep track of. We'll get it done, hopefully sooner than later. One day at a time and we will have to remember to breathe, I think!! LOL

We were looking at Jacob's picture and Katie and Owen both said "Brother" as they looked at it. Josie piped in and said Jake!! Can't tell that we have been gazing at him a lot can you??? :-)) It was so darned cute, we just had to laugh. Katie couldn't quite understand why he isn't here with us yet, but we told her that we hoped to be bringing him home soon!!! She said "Let's go bye bye and get Jake!!" Oh how I wish it was that easy. We would leave tomorrow!!!

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