Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Owen

You know, I have talked about the two little girls and it dawned on me today, that I hadn't even mentioned Owen. Well what can I say about Owen?? He's a BOY!! ALL BOY!! Do I need to say more? LOL He is 16 months old AND into everything!! No one ever told me that boys were going to be that much more of a handful than girls could ever dream of! However, he is a smart little stinker. His words include: mommy, daddy, Jo-Jo, Kiki, Owen, puppy, milk, more, no (I should have put that at the beginning of the list since it's his most favorite), cup, eat, nite-nite, up, cup, thank you, cookie, nana (banana), grandpa, grandma, truck, car, baby, diaper, wet, poop, oh man, oh boy -- I am sure I am missing some, but I know for a fact that neither of the girls had that many words at that age.

We are into biting right now. Mostly biting Mommy and not just random biting, but for the purpose of helping his eye teeth along to get through the gums. So he has taken to biting my knees! It's ok, you can laugh, but when it's happening, it isn't quite so funny! He bites right on my knee cap so sometimes I can't feel it until it is almost too late and he has sunk his teeth past the point of just pushing him away! UGH!! I am hoping this stage passes quickly. (maybe when those darn teeth ever pop through).

Here is a picture of the teeth I am dealing with!! Now you see my dilemma! (Although there are 4 more teeth in there now, from when this picture was taken)

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