Thursday, October 16, 2008


I would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to ALI (Eliasmom) who designed my button for me with Jacob's picture on it!! It was such a wonderful surprise and so sweet of her. I just love it and when the Family Site is up, you can connect right from there to our spot at Reece's Rainbow!! Anyone who would like to grab this button, go ahead and do so. The more that are aware of not only our journey, but other's as well, the better.

It is so weird to think that we are "in the process" of adoption. Today I spoke with the lady that is going to be doing our home study. She was such a nice gal and is sending me the things today to get our fingerprints and get that going. Then she will come here and meet with us, then we will go there and meet with her and then it will be done. I keep thinking of what I am going to say to her. Then I remember that I just need to be myself.

The biggest question I am struggling with that I am sure she will ask is "Why are you adopting?" That is a tough question to put into words. I feel like God is calling us to adopt this little boy! Do I need to know more than that? I love children-I love children with DS-I want to snuggle them all and bring them all home! I want to make a difference in the life of one little boy and give him a life that he may not otherwise know. I want him to know what it is like to be have the love of a mommy and daddy! I want him to know the love of sisters and brothers! I want to feel his little kisses on my cheek and hear him say his first words, see him take his first steps and know the joy of his hugs! I picture him in my arms already. I dream of holding him and comforting him when he is sad! I kiss his picture every night when I go to bed and wish him sweet dreams. I want him to experience life with our family -- the good, the bad and sometimes, yes, the ugly (remember I have Katie and Owen and Josie here too, so sometimes we have the ugly!). But that is our life! And as Kate (of John & Kate Plus 8) says : "It may be a crazy life, but it is OUR life!" and I just can't wait until Jacob is under our roof and a part of OUR crazy life!!!


JRS said...

What a sweet post. You made me cry tonight. You'll do great.

Sharon said...

That post brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with joy. I can't wait 'til Jacob is home with you!! You are definitely giving him a life he would not have otherwise known....a life filled with love!

Dawn said...

I don't think you could've said it any better than that, Brigitte. If she asks the question, that is exactly how you need to answer it! It is how you feel; from the heart, and that is what they need to hear!!