Friday, October 17, 2008

One of those DAYS!!!

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right?? TODAY WAS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! Kids woke up cranky, and that is usually a good sign that the day has taken a dump down the crapper before it hardly gets started. First, Josie doesn't want to go to school, then in the same breath almost, is so very angry because the bus isn't there to pick her up. I know she's a woman and entitled to change her mind, but come on!! Then, Katie only wants a cookie for breakfast. Heard it from her in every way, shape and form. She wouldn't let up UNTIL, Daddy asked her what she wanted for breakfast....EGGS!! WTH?? Why couldn't I have have the civil conversation with her?? Oh that's right, today I didn't exist in her world!!!

Then I go to the dentist. Need I say more?? Well I ended up getting three fillings!! UGH! Gave me a headache. Drove home drinking a soda with it dripping down my cheeks and neck because I couldn't feel anything on the left side of my face. I looked a mess!

Came home, just in time for lunch -- of which I had no desire to eat and no ambition to cook for Katie and Owen either. Needless to say, it was easier to clean a little peanut butter off the couch than it was to have lunch in the dining room, even if it was peanut butter sandwiches. This was the highlight of my day. The two were surprisingly good with the free-for-all PB morsels. Notice I didn't put Jelly on them... I AM NOT THAT CRAZY!! LOL

Josie came home.. Didn't want snacks, didn't want milk, didn't want apple juice. Only to have me sit down and relax for her to change her mind once again and want milk AND a snack! Dinner was a stressor. Owen is into this little "girly" scream when he doesn't get his way and let's just say he didn't get his way ALL THROUGH DINNER!!! My head was pounding, my mouth is sore, my patience was shot!!

There there was peace! Owen in bed at 7:15 -- Josie fell asleep on my by 7:45 (which never happens) and Katie went to bed at 8:00 with no protesting and struggle!! PEACE AND QUIET!! I THANK GOD for these days with my kids for if it weren't for them, I wouldn't know the sweet joy and bliss of a little peace and quiet!!!

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amy flege said...

oh wow.. that made me tired just reading it!! you wont be up to wartburg this weekend will you? i am headed to waverly.. call me if you are!