Friday, November 28, 2008


.........Ken Lunsford!!!!

He is the lucky winner for our $100 Visa Gift Card Fundraiser for Jacob's Adoption!!


I would like to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE who donated to our FIRST FUNDRAISER!! You have all touched us with your kindess and generosity!! We raised $540!! A good start to bringing JACOB PAUL home!!!!

I am keeping track of everyone who has helped us along the way and I will be posting a very very long list as we get further along.... thanking everyone seperately! We love you all and hope that this is a good sign that our fundraising will go very well from here on out!!!!

P.S. I wanted everyone to know that we ended up using to choose the winner. Josie was going to draw the name, but after Katie's birthday party today, the kids are wiped out and ready for bed!! So no pics this time of the drawing, but there will be more so stay tuned!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAY!!!!! Congrats on the quick fundraising!!!

Dawn said...

I forgot to come back and check this! I know you were hoping to make more money than that, but it's a good start, right? Are you going to do another one? Let me know if you do!!