Monday, November 10, 2008

Car Shopping!!

Well tomorrow we are going New (New to Us) Van Shopping! Friday our second mini-van took a crap and the head gasket went out! UGH!! Just what we need right now! So, since tomorrow is a holiday (Veteran's Day), and since I work for the State of Iowa, we are off work. Off to shop for a new vehicle. We have a couple in mind, guess we will see what the bank account says we can get as well as what will fit our family. Definitely some things to think about that we will have 4 in car seats and all the "stuff" that comes along with that!

It's one of those things that should be fun to do, but this purchase will be in a hurry and is out of necessity right now. Both our van's now are almost identical including color, so I am hoping for at least a van that isn't SAND colored! Other than that, my expectations aren't all that great. Affordable, fits our family and NOT sand colored! Isn't that enough? I will let everyone know what we decide on!

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