Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That was the question of the day! We left here at 8:45 a.m. and hoped that we would be home by noon with a new van! Well needless to say we beat Josie's bus to the house with 20 minutes to spare and she gets off the bus at 3:50 p.m. Should it really take a full day to purchase a van when you have only test drove ONE!!???!! I am not sure.

We did settle on a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country. Here it is! It is pretty snazzy, but doesn't have ALL the bells and whistles. It does have Stow N' Go Seating so that is nice. We got a good deal on it so that is what counts!

We did learn a lesson today. Two kids and car shopping just doesn't mix! They actually did great until about 1:00 with no meltdowns, we were doing great and then that was it, they had their fill and they both were going to make sure we knew it! Nothing like sitting in a van watching the Princess and The Pauper with two screaming kids while Joe was signing paperwork! It was crappy weather today, cold and raining all day so I couldn't even walk them around the car lot. They were rewarded for their "almost" perfect behavior though, with McDonald's Happy Meals! I mean, come on, they had to go car shopping with mom and dad and it took WAY longer that anyone anticipated. I was pretty proud of them!

They are excited about their new car! Josie got off the bus and pointed and said "Oh Wow Mama!!" So it got her seal of approval!


Meredith said...

Very nice! So... the stow n go seating... does this give you storage under the floorboards? Very pretty by the way!

Brigitte said...

Yes, it does give us storage under the seats providing the seats aren't down. 3 minutes and all the back seats fold down into the bottom of the van!! YAHOO!!!