Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Thinking.... I took Katie and Owen to the store with me. It is 1/2 hour drive to Wal-Mart so off we go. On the way there, I hear the regular kid noises from the back of the van with the Princess and the Pauper playing in the background. I hear a cough and a sniffle from the mild colds that the kids have been battling. Those sounds got me to thinking and wondering what kinds of sounds that Jacob makes. I wonder if he is getting snuggled when he has a cold. I wonder if he sleeps through the night or if he is keeping those ladies up all night. I wonder what he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am sure that he has never tasted the salty goodness of a McDonald's French Fry! I wonder if the amount of kisses that we will give him when we get there will be more kisses than he has gotten in his whole life combined. I wonder what he will think of us making a fuss over him. I wonder how I will feel the first time I lay eyes on that sweet little face. I am so "in love" with his picture and I can't imagine not being "in love" with the real thing.

I wonder what he will think of his first plane ride and about coming to a whole new place, with a new language and a new bed. None of his friends will come with him, just him, to a new family who will love him to pieces. I wonder a lot of things about the future and our future with Jacob Paul. Right now, all there really is to do is pray (and fill our paperwork) and pray and pray! Pray that everything gets done in a timely manner and that God sees fit to provide us the means to bring this little boy home sooner than later!!!

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gillian said...

Such a sweet post!

Off to day dream!