Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I am Thankful For!!!

I stole this from Renee's Blog . Since it is the season and Thanksgiving is so much more than Turkey and Cranberries! I am thankful for the basic things. My husband, my kids, our home.

I am thankful that there are really still some genuinely good people left in this world. Every day you read the paper or watch the news and most of the information isn't exactly wonderful, especially now! There are still people out there who care and go above and beyond the call of duty. They come from all walks of life, however I do think they are few and far between. I have been blessed in my life to know a lot of people who fit this description. I will say that not everyone I know is like this. Not everyone would literally give you the shirt off their back, however there are still people out there.

Maybe I am niave. I don't know! I don't want to think that I am. I put my trust in people until they give me a reason not to. I have gotten burned more than once, more than 100 times, but there are those people who have gained more and more of my trust over the years. Some of these people I have met, others I know from on-line only, but my life is better because they are in my life. Most of these people wouldn't be in my life if it weren't for Josie. I know that we would probably not be pursuing this adoption if Josie hadn't shown us the joys of Down syndrome. We would not live in the town we live in if it hadn't been for Josie getting us involved with our support group!

So what am I saying and what exactly am I thankful for this year?? I am thankful for Down syndrome! I am thankful that when we were told prenatally about Josie's DX, that we CHOSE her and we CHOSE to give her life. I could not imagine my life without my precious little girl or my other two wonderful children, but I for surely couldn't imagine my life with out Down syndrome being a part of it!

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gillian said...

Aww...Very well said!

I'm thankful to go through this process with you!