Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's Jacob??

Well, I ask myself that EVERYDAY! I know there is someone missing in our family! He is 1/2 way around the world in an orphanage. I am sure he is loved, as much as possible in an orphanage, however he doesn't know what it's like to have a mommy, daddy, brother and sisters who LOVE him already!!! A mommy and daddy who just want to hold him and make him secure in the fact that we will NEVER leave him, that we love him so much already just from a picture and a limited paragraph about him.

But we are not the only ones that are missing our sweet boy! Katie is especially missing Jacob and wanting him home. We have several pictures of him around our house already! We talk about when he comes and that he will be their new brother! Katie is very preoccupied with questions about his arrival. She told me a few weeks ago that we better hurry and go get him because she is TIRED of waiting for him.

I was dreading Christmas morning because she was sure that Santa was going to be bringing him under the Christmas tree. Luckily she was so taken with what Santa did bring that she didn't realize that Santa forgot to bring her brother! Whew!! Lately she is asking about day to day things. Like where he is going to sit at the dining room table. I tell her that the only empty seat will be for Jacob and it happens to be right beside her so she is very excited about that. We put his picture at the table in front of his seat on several occasions so he could "sit next to her" and have dinner with us!

We have 5 diapers in her drawer in her bedroom that we are "saving" for when Jacob comes. She told me this morning while she ate chocolate pancakes that she is sure that Jake will LOVE my chocolate pancakes and I will share with him when he comes!

I am excited that she is so excited. Josie loves to gaze at his picture and say his name over and over. "I love Jake" she will say as she sit with his picture. It is too cute. I just hope that they are so enamored with him when he is more than just an idea and is in here in real life!!

Katie asked me when he was coming home and I told her that we needed money and to get some more papers! She went to her toy box and got a piece of paper and some play money for me and said... "Now we can bring Jacob home!" If only it were that easy!!!!!!!!

So am sure that Katie, Josie and Owen will be very appreciative to anyone that donates and helps us bring Jacob home!! One dollar at a time!!!


radakelm said...

I am interested in donating $10 and putting my name in the hat. I also I posted it on my blogspot so I believe that gets my name in again. Could you email me and let me know what I can do for snail mail so I don't have to buy it over the internet.

Rachel said...

The girls' excitement over their new brother is so precious! I will keep praying for him and hope he can come home soon!

Amy said...

My kids do the same thing. Jimmy says he misses Elijah alamost daily. We have his picture all over too and I have a photo album with about 60 photos in it that Caleb loves to look through. I'm waiting for my second trip to go back and bring him home. I'll pray for your children because it is SO HARD to wait!