Friday, January 9, 2009


Here's the deal! We got our hands on a Nintendo Wii! We decided that we would use it, along with some other gifts (to be announced later this week) to raise funds for Jacob's Adoption! For every $10 donated, your name will go into a hat and Josie will draw for some lucky people on February 6th. This is a great chance to help us bring Jacob home! If we could have 200 people donate just $10 each, we would reach our goal!

You can use our ChipIn to the right... or you can snail mail me a check -- email me for that information!!!

And to make it better yet -- If you donate and find two of your friends to donate as well, then your name will be put in the hat and extra time. Please have them mention that they are entering per your recommendation and I will put the extra "entry" for you! In addition if you post on your blog about our fundraiser and you have donated (please comment here with the link to your blog post) then I will add yet another "entry"! Does that sound like a great deal??? Oh, I know there are some of you out there that do not have a blog, so if you donate and want your name in an additional time, then please forward the information (or copy and paste this blog post) to 10 friends via email, with me ( being the 11th person, and I will add another "entry".

Stay tuned this next week for more gifts that we will be adding with the Nintendo Wii! Who wouldn't want to spend $10/$20/$50 to try to win the Wii? Good Luck!


The Kaysers said...


Our blog has gone private but I do not have your email to add you to have permission, currently you are "Following"! I want to add you, please email me at to be added!

Jaimie said...

I put my name in the hat for the wii and posted about your fundraiser on my blog!

I hope you don't mind, I pretty much just copy and pasted your post :)

Here's the link:

Jaimie (from RR)

Bethany said...


Anonymous said...

I just contributed!!!!

My kiddos would be thrilled to win. We have wanted a WII forever but can never find one when we have enough $ to buy one, and of course it's a great cause.


Anonymous said...

I posted on my blog creations site as well!!!

Crystal said...

Hi, I was brought over to your contest via Bethany's blog. I entered and also posted on my blog @

I also posted on a few of my cafemom groups :-).

Hope you get alot of people to donate!

Rachel said...

I have donated to bring your baby home. I do have a blog but it is private due to some harrasment, so If you would like to visit, send your email address to me at and I will send you an invite.

I also donated to bring Nika home, that's where I learned of your blog.

Love and Prayers,


Bethany said...

I love my readers! LOL

Linda said...

We just contributed! Also brought over to your contest via Bethany's blog. I'm passing this along via e-mail to my friends and family. That way I know they got it- not relying on them visiting my blog! : )
God bless! Hope everything goes smoothly with the adoption!

Julie said...

Okay, the check is in the mail! Really, it is! And I posted about your drawing on the blog!