Monday, March 30, 2009


More waiting I found out today!! I was hoping that our dossier would be submitted today, but it won't be submitted until next Monday! There is a process in country that I wasn't quite aware of, but won't hold us up for very long! Today our facilitator let me know that she got the confirmation that Jacob is available for adoption and tomorrow she will register our dossier for submission and it can be submitted next Monday! So again we wait!

I am getting better with this waiting thing, however it still isn't easy! Another week and we should have some news!! I hope anyway!!


gillian said...

Aw man! Praying that next Monday it happens for sure!

Amy said...

Oh Brigitte!! I'm sorry. I know one more week can be painstaking. :(

Prayers for you friend!

Courtney said...

Oh, I was hoping you guys would be right behind us!! But you still should be coming about April 20, so we might still get to meet up! :)