Monday, March 30, 2009

I have to ask!!

It is not really in me to outright ask people for money! We have had several fundraisers for Jacobs adoption and thus far have been very blessed by everyones generosity and prayers for our journey to bring Jacob home. I can't even begin to THANK everyone enough for all they have done for us. (I am keeping track though and everyone who has helped us will get a family photo when we get home!!)

We need your prayers and support now as well! Our dossier will be submitted on Monday (April 6th) in country and by the end of next week we could have a travel date! That is very exciting. We are still about $3,000 short on our travel expenses. We won't be living lavishly in country! I have contacted our facilitator to see if we can negotiate a lower rate for our apartment and we will be cutting corners wherever we can while we are there.

I have posted a new Chip In on the side of our blog if anyone would like to help us reach our goal! Please pray that this falls into place for us! I know it will. God doesn't lead you into something that won't work out, so we pray that some way, this too God will provide!!

THANK YOU ALL for your support, prayers and well wishes!! We couldn't have done this without all the prayerful support!!


Molly C said...

I don't have a lot, but I'll donate what I can!!! You've gotta get that lil cutie home!

schoolmother said...

I LIKE your blog. This is my first visit so I had to read back several entries. It is so exciting that your dossier is in-country especially since I am so partial to that particular country :)
Thanks, too, for the invitation.

Anonymous said...
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