Monday, May 18, 2009


Well it looks as though Court is a go for Thursday! Yulia got permission from the SDA to submit our paperwork tomorrow morning. (They usually only accept this on Monday/Wednesday/Friday). So your prayers worked. The Power of Prayer is really incredible isn't it?

Our driver is putting the documents on the train tonight and Yulia will pick them up tomorrow morning in Kiev and she will submit them tomorrow. We will proceed with our court date of May 21st at 9:40 am. How wonderful and Praise God that we got such a quick court date! This means that our 10 day wait will be up on June 1st. Joe will be leaving to come home on May 29th so most of the 10 days will be up at that point! Then only about another week and a half and I (God willing) will be on my way home as well with Jacob! If all goes as planned, we will be home before the 1 month mark! We shall see. Anything can still happen, but things seem to be moving right along!



gillian said...


Continued prayers!

Alicia said...

Brigite, that's amazing! God is amazing!!!!!


mck said...

Great news!

schoolmother said...

Fantastic news!

The Kaysers said...

He is so cute. It is funny, but he looks a little like Grady. Maybe because the background is the same? (I remember that rug!)

Ok, so I am behind and curious. How old is he? Does he seem to be on target developmentally? He sure looks healthy! So sweet. God bless you all!

Lyndi said...

So happy things are moving quickly for you. Prayers for things to continue on smoothly!