Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A few details

We have had some questions on our blog about specifics about Jacob… Here is what we know so far.

He was abandoned at birth.  His mother was born in 1985 and his father in 1971.  They were married at the time of his birth, but after he was born and given up to the orphanage, they divorced.  Jacob has no brothers or sisters.  Neither of his parents have remarried.  Jacob was born on July 30, 2007.  He was born at 34 weeks and weighed 3 kg (about 6.6 lbs).  He cried immediately after birth and was diagnosed in the maternity house with Down syndrome.  He has a PDA that needs to be looked at when we get home as well as an ASD.  The VSD that he had at birth has spontaneously closed.  We will have all that monitored with our cardiologist when we get home!  He is very tiny for his age.  He is almost 2 and I am sure doesn’t weigh 15 lbs.  He is more the size of a 8-9 month old.  I would say that he wears a 12 month size clothes (for Amy!!  LOL). 

I think he has some hearing loss because he doesn’t track our voices or noise very well.  I am hoping that this can be fixed with tubes, but again, not something we are going to know until we get home!  He hasn’t seemed to bond with us quite yet, but then again, it hasn’t even been a week.  He is less functional that Josie was at that age, but then again, she wasn’t in the orphanage either. 

The orphanage life for Jacob is ok at best.  I would imagine in the realm of orphanages here in Ukraine, I would probably say that this is one of the better ones.  Very clean, very nice large playground outside etc, but the care they receive can’t be top notch.  There are probably 15 kids in his groupa and sometimes when we go get him, there might be one caregiver in there.  Not much time for snuggles and therapy.  Just the basic needs are met and there just isn’t staff to do any more.  They do swim with the kids here and I am not sure where.  I am thinking it is like a large tub, but it gives the special needs kids some therapy which is wonderful and you don’t see many places.

Let’s see what else?  I think that answers most of the questions.  I am hoping to get a full tour of the orphanage tomorrow and take some pictures today outside and a little inside so I will post those when I am able. 

Anything I missed?  Anything more you want to know?  Post your questions and I will be glad to answer anything.  I can do that right now since we are private!!  LOL




Alicia said...

sigh. so sad how the parents life were changed - in a bad way -

do they get to know that Jacob is being adopted?

In what city is the orphanage? I think I havent read that ;)

Are there more kids with DS, there? others that are being adopted by RR families?

Glad that the orphanage is in good conditions, and that they are doing the best they can with what they have.

daizymom said...

Would just love to see more pics of you guys together. In one picture you have, he looks absolutely smitten. I'm sure he will bond with you quite quickly once you have him 24-7. After a ratio of 15-1 for care giving, 4-2 is going to make him feel like a little prince- as I'm sure he is in your hearts. I know his brother and sisters will adore him too!

amy flege said...

oh I am need of more Jacob pictures!!!!!!!!!
I am glad to hear that the is getting ok care.. he is so lucky to have parents like you though!!!

schoolmother said...

Thanks for all the details.

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Oh friend! I had not checked here so I missed seeing the pictures of Jacob. I am just crying because I am so happy for you guys. It touched me so much to see pictures of you holding Jacob. He is absolutely darling! I cannot wait to meet him! As soon as you give me an okay when you are back home, I am coming over!
And you can never post too many pictures!
I am praying for you guys.
let me know if there is anything I can do over here to help, even with your kids :)