Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Pictures

Thought since we didn’t get to see Jacob today we would do a montage of some pictures. This is our flat in Kiev… while it was much smaller than the one we have here in Krivoy Rog, we liked it almost better because we had unlimited internet with cable modem. Here we are using a prepaid modem card plugged into our computer and we have crappy reception most of the time, but at least we are connected to some extent!
So our flat in Kiev – Yulia told us that this flat, because it is close to the City Center, would probably sell for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000. WOW.. a lot for such a little place right??

This is the door to get into our apartment – then behind this is another door covered also in leather or pleather. At first I wasn’t sure why this was, but I am sure that it is for noise. We hardly heard a thing while we were in our apartment.

This is the view as you walked into our flat. First door on the left: the toilet room, second door: the shower/sink/laundry room, and straight ahead: the kitchen, then to the right: the Bedroom/Living Room.

Yes, I did it.. I took a picture of the toilet.. hey at least there was no one on it! LOL I think it is cool that they have a separate room for the toilet. Makes cleaning much easier I would think!

This is the shower/sink and the washing machine. We didn’t use the washer in Kiev, but it is rare to find a dryer here so you have to hang clothes to dry.. and FYI… on an enclosed balcony, it takes clothes 1 1/2 days to dry. Just incase you would want to know that useless bit of information.

This was our kitchen.. no stove, no microwave and the thing under the soda bottles was the refrigerator. The only thing you don’t see in this photo is a little table to the right. It was tiny, but was enough for us.

Both these pictures were taken from the same spot… one to one side of the living room/bedroom and the other to the other side. I would bet that this entire apartment was about 200-300 sq ft. It was small, but very clean and very nice. I will post some pictures of our flat here in Krivoy Rog sometime later this week. Don’t want to “wow” you all at once.

More pictures of our visits with Jacob tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned!!!


Lyndi said...

Thanks for showing pictures of your flat. I have been wondering what it would look like over there. I can't wait to see more pictures of Jacob!

Leah said...

Hey! Less square footage means less cleaning, right? AND, it makes a person NOT keep stuff they don't really need. LOL I, too, can't wait for more Jacob pictures!

mck said...

You know, I think people here need way too much house. That reminds me of our place in Odesa...but smaller. Gee, I wonder what our apartment would sell for! Pricey! HUGS!!!

Alicia said...

that's so petit and so expensive!

looking forward for more Jacob pics, and sending thoughts and prayers for everything to be fixed soon!