Saturday, May 16, 2009

We have a Court Date!!

Well, yesterday Yulia went to court to talk to the judge and get our court date set.  We were hoping that a paper that needs to be signed by Juvenile Services would be ready yesterday, however it was not signed and will be ready first thing Monday morning.  Yulia left us last night to travel back to Kiev with the rest of the documents, however she needs this document in order to be able to submit the paperwork to the SDA in Kiev.  We hope that they will accept a faxed copy on Monday morning, but we won’t know anything until Monday afternoon.  If she can’t get the SDA to accept a faxed copy, she is going to check into whether or not there is a flight from Krivoy Rog to Kiev in the afternoon that our driver can put the documents on so she can pick them up at the airport and get them registered on Monday.  If that all goes well, we will have court on Thursday, May 21st at 9:40 am.  Please pray that we can get this done, if not we will have court pushed back until early the next week. 

If we have court on May 21st, our 10 day wait will be up on June 1st and then she though only about another week or 10 days and everything should be done and we can come home.  Joe is set to come home on May 29th so that will still work out that he can do that.  Then I will stay on here for the rest of the time.  It would be so nice if we can be together during that 10 day wait if at all possible.  So please say a little prayer that this all comes together in the next couple days and court will land on the 21st!

We are going to see Jacob here in a few minutes for our only visit this weekend!  After seeing him twice a day, it is going to be hard to only get to see him once in these two days, but since there is another family here, we will venture out this afternoon or tomorrow and explore the town.  We walked to the Pizza Place last night and Yulia showed us where the grocery store, Pizza Place, pharmacy and open air market is!  So that is great that it is within walking distance for us.  We might get the driver to take us to McDonalds in the the center of town tomorrow and stay down there for a few hours and see some things.  Should be fun!

I will post again either with some pictures or once we know our court date!


Amy L said...

Praying that they will accept the copy and you get your court date soon!

mck said...

I hope they accept the faxed copy and we will pray for court to happen on Thursday! Jacob's on his way home soon! YEA!!!

Rachel said...

Jacob is so beautiful! Congratulations!

amy flege said...

I pray it all goes the way you want it to so you can get home here to the rest of your family!! Tell Joe, Stacy has a busch light waiting for him ha!!!

Dave Baldacchino said...

That's great news! I hope the pieces keep falling in place like they are so you can get back home in a reasonable timeframe. We leave in about 6 hours (4am) on the 6hr drive to Nikopol. Hopefully we'll be online in a couple of days. Take care!

schoolmother said...

I do, do, do hope for court on Thursday! That would be so great!