Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First (Very Small) Delay!!!

Yulia, our facilitator, called me tonight. She was at the train station and our train that was supposed to depart at 10:55 pm was cancelled. There was another train, but it was leaving in 15 minutes. Well that certainly wasn't enough time for me to get to the train station. So she gave me the option of her going down tonight since she was there and I would take the train tomorrow night or she would wait for me and we would take the train down together. I told her to go ahead and go and I would follow tomorrow. She called me back like 20 minutes later to let me know that she could not get a ticket for tonights train so she tried to book for tomorrow, however there were no tickets available in 2nd class. So our options are... they have cancellations available 6 hours before the train and 2 hours before the train so she is going to get in touch with her contacts to try to get us a sleeper car at those times in 2nd class. If she can't get those, then we will travel 1st class. A bit more expensive, but worth it. IF and we hope this is a big IF they cancel the train tomorrow night again (which I suppose could happen) then we will drive down by car (5 hour car ride) tomorrow night.

I did meet today a wonderful woman who is here with her husband and son and they are adopting. We spent 4 hours at TGI Fridays talking. We didn't want to leave eachother so I think this was God telling me that we needed to spend another day together! So I am very excited about that. The Jennings who have traveled with us and are in Krivoy Rog now are taking the kids to get their passport pictures taken tomorrow and will do what they can to get started on some errands that we were going to all do tomorrow. This shouldn't set us back far, if at all. But another day in Kiev........I packed for nothing! LOL

Will keep you posted and will also post tomorrow about my night last night. I went to the symphony and it was amazing. Will post more about that in the morning.... right now, I am wiped and am going to bed!!



gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...


gillian said...

Prayers that you get back to Jacob today!

Amy said...

Aww Brig, I should have asked you about that on the phone earlier, I just assumed you were in region!! I'm so sorry you got stuck going the next night. You'll probably be leaving here in a little bit... we'll be praying for you.

We survived our first flight and are waiting the LOOONG wait for the next one. ;) Talk to you soon.


Karen said...

Did you get back OK? I hope so!

amy flege said...

oh man, i was hoping to get on here to see that you saw that sweet baby boy of yours!!!! sweet dreams!

Christy said...

Prayers that all goes quickly and you can both come home soon!