Saturday, May 30, 2009

Q & A

I have had a lot of questions through our blog and via email so I am going to do my best to answer those now.


very cute, how old was he?” (referring to his file photo from SDA)

I am not exactly sure how old he was in that photo, but I am guessing around 3 months old which is how old he was when he came to the orphanage!


How old was he when he was separated from his birth parents? Have they seen him since?

He was given up at birth when they confirmed Down Syndrome in the maternity house.  His parents married when she found out she was pregnant and after Jacob was born, they divorced.  They have not had any other children, either of them.  They have not seen him since, however because we needed to have them sign a document that was incomplete, they know that he is being adopted.  His birth mother would like to see pictures once a year if we are willing to email them to her, which we are and she is very happy that he is being adopted.  I think she really loved him, but in this society, it is just too difficult to keep children with DS.


How old is he? Does he seem to be on target developmentally?

He will be 2 on July 30th.  He is behind developmentally.  He is not sitting up on his own, but does hold his head well.  He rolls over, but doesn’t bear weight on his arms yet.  We’re fixing to change that!!  He doesn’t bear weight on his legs either.  We have found through our visits with him that he does not like therapy.  One day it was cold so we were inside for our visit.  Joe was working with him on his legs and he got soooo mad.  Showed us his temper and then only wanted mommy.  He was mad at daddy!  It was hilarious!  Just wait till the “real” therapy begins when we get home.


How do you feel about staying on in a foreign country after your hubby leaves??

Before it actually happened, I was fine with it!  I thought it would be no big deal, but then now that I am here by myself, it does suck!  I mean, not that I am scared, but I like to have someone to do something with and I just don’t.  One of Gillian’s friends called me last night and we might try to meet up later this afternoon/evening.  There is a big celebration in Kiev today and tomorrow, but I am not quite sure what it is.  I was given a name and phone number of a gal who could show me around, but I tried to call her last night and there was no answer.  I will probably venture out after a shower and see what is going on, but I have a feeling there might be too many people for my taste not knowing anyone so I may make it a short day and come back and veg in the apartment.


When will he be a citizen of the US?

He will be a citizen as soon as we touch down in Chicago on American Soil.  The kind of Visa that he is coming home on makes that possible!  I can’t wait to get to Chicago!!  He will carry dual citizenship until he is 18 years old.  At which time, well I am not exactly sure what happens at that time.  I think we have some time to figure that out when we get home!  LOL


How are the kids at home doing while you have been gone?

They are doing remarkably well!  I am actually surprised.  My sister came to our house the day after we left to come here and stayed for 11 days.  She worked wonders in our house while we were gone.  Here is a list of things she accomplished (makes me look like a bad wife and mother—LOL)  Cleaned our carpets, Painted Josie and Katie’s room, Painted our front window and door, rearranged my cupboards (THANK GOD), Cooked, Took the kids to the Library several times, and last but definitely not least POTTY TRAINED KATIE – EVEN DURING THE NIGHT!!  Is she not amazing?   Katie is now wearing big girl panties all the time even at night and hasn’t had an accident.  WHAT A BIG GIRL!!  I am so proud of her.  She has a memory like a hawk though.  I had told her several months ago that when she went on the big potty, she would get her big girl bed AND be able to go to school.  So she asked me on Skype after she was potty trained if I would bring home her big girl bed and when she got to go to school?  Little stinker.  Well big girl beds are already purchased so that is good and school will start in the fall for her!  Whew…at least I can really produce on those two promises.  Thank goodness I didn’t tell her we’d get a dog!!  Josie is doing great.  I have noticed her speech is even better than when we left.  School does great things for that girl!  When we are Skype’ing, she just stares at the monitor and I can tell she misses us.  She keep saying “Hi Mommy—I love you"  It breaks my heart, but she seems happy, I think she just really wants to give us big big hugs!!  Owen is getting into trouble as usual.  He peeks his head in from time to time on the camera and says “Hi mom” “Hi Dad” then is off getting into something.  I think he uses the distraction of the computer as a “I’m free to do what I want” time.  They are going to be sooo happy to see Joe when he gets home today!  I can’t even imagine how excited they are going to be!  I can’t wait to talk to them later today!!


Well I thought there were more questions, and there may be, but my fingers are tired of typing for right now, so I will address more later! Off to shower and try to enjoy some of this day, it is beautiful today!!!



gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I'm glad your kids are doing so well- this is encouraging. I'm a little nervous about being apart from mine for so long!

Karen said...

Thanks for all the information, it's all sounding great :)
I wonder if his birth parents only got married so he wasn't illegitimate and so got divorced when he was born.

RK said...

Holy cow! Can your sister come visit me for a while?!? Does she hire out???

I'm so glad things are going well on the homefront. I'm sure that helps you deal with being away.