Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My name is Brigitte and I am a slacker!!

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting my blog recently.  I have been trying to get into the groove of taking care of 4 kids.  There is actually a lot to tell and I will share some pictures with you as well.

Let’s see… the kids… Jacob is doing great.  He has gained a little over 3 lbs since we brought him home!  He is now at 15.5 lbs and is 28 inches long.  He is growing.  I was shocked that he is on the Down syndrome growth chart.  5th percentile for weight, however he was much lower and not even chartable on his height!  I think she wasn’t looking at the right age on the weight chart though because I don’t know how 15.5 lbs at almost 2 years of age even registers on the chart.  I know a 6 week old that is almost 13 lbs already. 

Yesterday, we had Jake’s cardio appointment.  This included an ECHO and and EKG!  I went into this appointment prepared for the worst news, but I was wrong.  (I know, it almost NEVER happens!  LOL).   Either Jake’s heart has always been fine and he never had any defects OR since his last ECHO which was at birth, that these two defects that he had have closed and show no indications that there is anything wrong.  His pressures were wonderful and not even a little murmur!  PRAISE GOD!  We couldn’t be happier with this news.  One more thing we can cross off our list (actually the first thing) and not have to worry about any longer.  YAHOO!

Owen has been a little pistol since we came home.  I am sure he is still adjusting and finding his place as “not the baby” anymore.  It is getting better by the day and he LOVES his little brother, but some days are trying and he see’s the timeout corner quite often.  The other day he comes to me and says “Moochie Mama” and puckers up… as I get close to him, he head-butts me right in the forehead!  Crazy little two year old who is full blown into the terrible two’s!

Katie is now, in her words, “a big girl that goes on the BIG potty”.  She still is in a pull up at night, but hasn’t had an accident during the day for almost a month!  She is doing great!  She is bossy and likes to tell everyone what to do, including sending people to time-out.  We had Mike and Jackie (Joe’s brother and his wife) over earlier this week and they have three little ones, Elie, Sofia and Cade.  Katie and Sofia are just a few weeks apart in age and part way through the night, Sofia comes around the couch just sobbing because Katie told her to go in time-out!  Little bossy girl she is, but she is such a big helper and can be so sweet.  She is the first one to tell everyone, and I do mean everyone, that she has a new brother and introduces him!  She is smitten with him.

Josie is doing so great!  She is in summer school and looks forward to going every day.  I can’t believe how far she has come since going to her special school.  I had reservations about her going there, but the change in that girl has been absolutely amazing.  She is nearing potty training and most days goes without accidents.  She is talking up a storm and there aren’t many words she doesn’t know.  She is knowing her colors more and more… she is amazing us every single day.  She has a very special bond with Jacob. I think she knows that he has something in common with her because she loves to play with him.  Not just like talking to him etc, but tonight for instance, she sat in front of him in his bumbo seat and read him a book, then helped him play with some toys!  She is such a little mama.  She loves to give him his bottle and pretend she is his mommy and there are times that she tells me “No, I do it.. Josie the mommy!”  Hmmm… I am pretty sure that I am the mommy, but hey, she wants to help and that is ok with me!

As promised here are some pictures… I have more to say but will save it for another post tomorrow or the next day! 


Here is the boys’ birthday cake!  YUM YUM!!!



Jake enjoying his First Ever Birthday Cake!  He loved it!!!



My sweet boy, Jake!



My sometimes sweet/sometimes naughty boy Owen!  Doesn’t he look so innocent??



Hey – quit with the camera already!!  I am SOOO over the picture taking!



Joe and the kids with Grandpa (Joe’s Dad)



gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Your children are gorgeous!! Yay on the good cardio news and yay on the weight gain!!!!

Christy said...

Wonderful news! What a huge blessing!

Lund7 said...

So happy to hear things are going well with Jake at home and that his heart is fine!

Melissa said...

Looks like Jake is doing great and it's nice to know his brother and sisters like having him around :) That pic of Owen, I'd definitely have to say I think I saw a little bit of a mischievous twinkle in those eyes. Poor mom.... LOL

Jaimie said...

he's so cute!!! at first I thought he was signing Mom in that picture of him in the saucer. Also, I love his little folded over ear...too cute!

Jaimie (RR)

marlene said...

Awwww, great report! I love how Josie is looking out for Jacob! And you know, it reallly looks like he is part of the family!!! When I saw Owen's picture and then Jake's - both blondies, they look like brothers! Jake is a real cutie!!

soontobemomof9 said...

Oh my goodness! Jake is so cute!!! Love his expressions!