Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Pictures

I know.. you all came here expecting to see pictures of our wedding… those are for another day.  This morning, Owen and Katie were in her room playing and I didn’t think much of it…now looking back, maybe I should have checked on them. 

Apparently, they were having a wedding ceremony and though we don’t live in Kentucky – and even there I believe it’s illegal to marry your brother/sister – they came out and announced that they just got married.

I thought as a mother, I would have at LEAST 20 years to prepare myself for this moment and although I PRAY that they NEVER want to take each other to prom, I am glad they do love each other and this too shall pass!! 

Introducing Katie and Owen Van Nice……good thing that they already have the same last name because judging by the pictures, Katie wears the pants in the family.  (Although neither of them is wearing ANY pants at all!)  Guess I really need to teach Owen what is appropriate “wedding attire”.  Katie did a great job though.. crown and all!!!

DSC00291  DSC00293


And what wedding ceremony would be complete with out “You may kiss the bride!!”



Lyndi said...
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Lyndi said...

Ok, I need spell check....i was trying to say... that is so sweet!

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Oh that just made me smile! It is too sweet and funny!
Ellie does tell us sometimes that even though girls can't marry girls could she please marry Nichole? It must be a sibling thing.
Ellie did inform me that I need to have a baby boy in my belly because when he comes out, she will marry daddy and I won't be his wife anymore, but then at least I can marry the baby boy.
Kids and their crazy ideas!

Lund7 said...

That is so sweet! My Ricky always tells me he wants to marry me and the other day he decided he would marry his daddy!

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