Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making New Friends

It amazes me how new great friends come into your life at the most unexpected times.  Two and a half years ago we moved to this town and knew no one except for one family basically.  We came from Waterloo where I lived for 8 years and Joe had lived for 12 years.  We didn’t even know most of our neighbors let alone have a conversation with them.

Upon moving here, we were quickly introduced to our neighbors.  They brought over dinners, welcome baskets, cookies, cakes and pies.  It was wonderful.  We have become real friends with all our neighbors and even had a block party here two summers ago and had a wonderful time.  Looking forward to another one this year! 

The one family we know when we first moved, has now changed a bit due to divorce, but we have remained in close contact with both of them and their kids.  Shannon, Todd, Joe and I met at a support group meeting just 5 years ago now.  Our daughters are two months apart and both have Down syndrome.  Shannon and I have become wonderful friends and enjoy spending time together when we get a chance. 

Because Shannon has lived here almost her entire life, she know A LOT of people.  In tagging along with Shannon to outings, I met Steph and Gary.  What wonderful people!  I can’t even tell you!  Gary, Steph, Joe and I ended up spending New Year’s Eve together at a hotel in Cedar Falls.  We saw a band and had a GREAT TIME!!  Then in January we all went out for dinner… I thought there was going to be three couples, Shannon and Jeff, Gary and Steph, Joe and me!  Steph called to tell me that she had invited two additional couples.  I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know these people, but just minutes after Mary and Brent arrived and Mandy and Ben arrived, I felt like I had know them for years.  They made me feel comfortable and we had great conversation and many many laughs!! 

Amazing how you can find the best friends in the most unexpected ways!!  Here are the girls having fun on our night out!  Cant’ wait ‘til Saturday so we can do it all again!  YOU GALS (and guys ;-)) ROCK!!!




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