Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Sweet Son!!

The kids woke this morning early… as usual!

UGH!  When will they start to sleep in on the weekends??

They have been on a nerve since the day began. In my mind I am thinking “Only 12 hours ‘til bedtime!” Not a great attitude to have at only 7 am!

Then Owen, all 2 1/2 years of him, comes sauntering over to me, with his hockey stick in hand.  His San Jose Sharks jersey hanging on him like a sack, he snuggles into me, give me a HUGE hug and then asks for a smoochie! 

As he toddles off to play more hockey… he turns to me and says “Mama, I love ya!” and smiles!

All is right with the world!!  Maybe this day won’t be as long as I once anticipated!!


amy flege said...

awww. i just got goosebumps :)

Annie said...

Yep, I always say that God made kids so cute and sweet, so our feelings of stress will HAVE TO float away!