Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I can’t quite believe that I will have 4 kiddo’s in school this fall!  Seems like just yesterday we had tiny little ones around the house!  I think had I thought through the swiftness that we had 4 kids, I might have done things a little differently!  Like quite possibly spacing them out a little more!  We will have kids in 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st grades (not this year, but in a few years!!)  Our kids aren’t going to private school… there isn’t one in town AND we could never afford tuition for 4 !  As it is, just purchasing back to school supplies and clothes is going to break the bank!  So far we have backpacks, and Josie’s school things that we got in a package from the school!  Saved me having to go purchase them and the kit comes with stickers with her name on them to label her things!

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself thought, because if Owen can’t get this potty training thing down, then he won’t be starting preschool this year either!!  Any ideas on motivating him to use the potty?  I know they say don’t push him and he will do it when he is ready, but you all don’t know Owen!  He has his own agenda and I could see him being 5 years old and still wearing diapers because he just doesn’t care to go on the toilet!  So I need some serious motivation.  We are going to print off a potty chart tomorrow maybe that will motivate him if we get a hockey stick for a week of potty going!  Think that will work????  I am open to ideas!!!!!

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